Are you ready to try a different path?

Join our inspired learning community for grades six through eight.


"I can't even explain how The Little Middle School has changed all of our lives for the better."


Welcome! It takes some courage to step outside of the mainstream. 

People come to us for all kinds of reasons. Among them:

They want to be seen.

They want to be a part of something.

They don't believe that anxiety has to be part of learning.

They seek relief from relentlessly being measured

They want room to grow.

Whether you are transitioning from an unhappy educational situation or simply want more out of middle school, we invite you to explore our program. 

We offer...

  • A safe, accepting environment where teachers and students work and play as a team, helping everyone to feel a sense of belonging.
  • An individualized program in which students have the opportunity to set and reach their own goals.
  • A shorter school day that allows for family life, hobbies, and independent learning.
  • The chance for students struggling in a particular area to identify and rebuild gaps in their knowledge and skills, even as they pursue new challenges in areas of strength.
  • No judgment, just love.

About Us

The preteen and early teen years are an exciting and transformational time in a person’s life. The middle schooler retains a child’s enthusiasm for play and exploration while developing an adult capacity for skill, knowledge, and making an impact in the world.

Atlanta’s only full-time academic program dedicated exclusively to boys and girls in grades six through eight, The Little Middle School creates just the right balance between challenge and comfort to help our students make the most of their middle school years. We have fun and work hard, learning that the most fulfilling moments are when we’re doing both at the same time.


OUr Home

Located within Inman Park Church in the historic Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta, we’re a two-minute walk from the nearest MARTA station and a five-minute bike ride from the Beltline!



Don't be fooled by our comfy couches and bean bags. These kids are gaining knowledge and skills, along with the work habits that will make them independent, confident  learners for years to come.


The Future

We strike a balance between allowing students to go at their own pace while making sure they'll have what they need to start ninth grade. As a result, our students make the transition to traditional high schools with surprising ease.

You cannot imagine what a difference your school made in my daughter’s (and my) life!  A year ago, I had a miserable and stressed-out daughter, and now I have a happy teen who is much more optimistic about her future.  And I think The Little Middle School is responsible for that!

Our experience at LMS is differentiated from any other academic experience by one word - “engaged”.  Our son has gone from apathetic to excited, from quiet to a chatterbox, from feeling like a failure to being truly confident.  He has learned the basics, of course, but beyond that he has learned about being a part of the world we live in today – from technology and engineering to personal characteristics and financial management.  At our dinner table he used to sit quietly and eat.  Now he initiates insightful conversation about real issues of global importance, and real topics of self reflection. LMS has, for us, been that one thing that you hope every child will find – that inspiration to reach into the world and experience it, contribute to it, and strive to leave it better than you found it.