The Little Middle School

Pursue the puzzle. Embrace the struggle. Grow.

Middle school can be joyful.

We are doing our very best to make it so.  


We are offering a place where students have the space and support to figure out how they will connect with and contribute to their world.  A place where students feel loved and accepted for who they are, even as they are called toward growth and transformation.

The world of academics is full of standards, rubrics, rankings, competition, requirements, and fear, in which students are swept, dragged, pulled, pushed, and coaxed along the journey of knowledge acquisition and skill building. 

Yet we know that the surest shortcut to the desired end result is for a kid to want to learn, and to take charge of his or her own education. 

At the Little Middle School, that's what we are seeking. There are amazing moments when it all comes together, and a student's present and future are aligned; those glimmers of promise make it worth all of the boring, naggy stuff we settle for when we all forget what's possible.

Thank you so much...for everything you all have done for [our son]. We are eternally grateful that in LMS he found a safe place to grow into the young man that he is today at a time when he did not feel safe anywhere. He is approaching this move and the transitions that go along with it with confidence and grace, and you all played a crucial role in his ability to do that.

Will you join us?

If you're interested in learning more, please call me, Casey McCann, at 404-537-1372, or email me. I'd love to hear your story and explore whether our school might be the solution your family is looking for.

"Our daughter is looking forward to high school, but at the same time, she really does not want her year at Little Middle to end."

"Our experience at LMS is differentiated from any other academic experience by one word - “engaged".  Our son has gone from apathetic to excited, from quiet to a chatterbox, from feeling like a failure to being truly confident.  He has learned the basics of course but beyond that he has learned about being a part of the world we live in today – from technology and engineering to personal characteristics and financial management.  At our dinner table he used to sit quietly and eat.  Now he initiates insightful conversation about real issues of global importance, and real topics of self reflection.  LMS has, for us, been that one thing that you hope every child will find – that inspiration to reach into the world and experience it, contribute to it, and strive to leave it better than you found it. "

I am very excited to see the continued improvement and progress at LMS. You are going to be the role model for future private schools. [Our son] loved his time there and learned so much more - in a shorter day!  Without tons of homework to drive us all crazy!! Such a fantastic concept. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this amazing option! We all loved it."

Founded in 2012 by Casey McCann. Thank you to the daring parents and students who tried something new. I am forever grateful.