Personalized Summer School

Learn from Anywhere, anytime


We’ve been busy testing a totally new approach to online education.

Personalized Summer School gives you daily support from a teacher — and you can study from anywhere, at your own pace.

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Set your goal.

What do you want to learn this summer? Where do you want to improve? Do you want support with reading, writing, math, or a special project? Want to learn a foreign language? Want to learn to draw? Want to get a head start on Algebra? It’s up to you.


Step 2: Set your parameters.

When are you available? How much time do you want to spend each day working toward your goal? Where will you be (and when will you have Internet access)? Who will be there to help you?


Step 3: We’ll set it all up.

We will build a program especially for you — and update it every day (or multiple times a day) based on your progress.

With clever use of online project management and communication tools, we will give you tasks each day that will help you reach your goal. As you work, we’ll adapt your curriculum in realtime based on your needs. Ask questions, share your work, receive feedback — and receive the next step along your own path.

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