Our Teaching Team

Casey von Neumann, Founder


Casey (McCann) von Neumann loves to create things and solve problems. She values insight and expertise far more than degrees and certificates and is entrepreneurial to the core. Casey is quick to identify the strengths of everyone on the team and works to find a way for each and every student to make a contribution.

As a teacher, Casey especially enjoys reading student writing, teaching new approaches to problem solving across subject areas, helping students to understand and manage their own work habits, and giving students the opportunity to start their lives now instead of waiting until they're done with school.

Casey, a musician, is also founder of Eclectic Music


Alyssa Andres, Social Studies & Math

Alyssa is a compassionate and capable leader who made the transition from rookie assistant to full-fledged educator in just over a semester as a result of a strong spirit of service and a commitment to self-development. She read every book we suggested, asked all the hard questions (of us and of herself), and never stopped pushing herself and trying new things. In the summer of 2016, Alyssa completed Seth Godin's altMBA program. Alyssa's excellent sense of humor and unwavering empathy make her a student favorite, her quest to grow and learn new things makes her a great example, and the wide array of stuff she's already good at makes her indispensable.


Craig Lambert, Math

Craig Lambert has been teaching for 20 years in a wide variety of settings including public and private schools, Waldorf schools, private tutoring, and college test prep. He has a masters degree in education from Antioch University New England, and has attended numerous trainings including Orton-Gillingham for Reading and Math, Singapore Math, Eureka Math, and Everyday Math. 

He delights in teaching, especially when students have those ah-ha moments. Craig enjoys board games, books, and other brainy things. Literature, Lego bricks, and learning are his hobbies. Craig loves nature, being with his family, and places that are nourishing, nurturing, and beautiful.

Khye Tyson, English Language Arts

Khye Tyson has a background in a little bit of everything. She is an avid learner who values learning and helping others learn to safely push themselves out of their comfort zones. She has over five years of experience working in higher education at Emory University, Texas A&M University, and Lincoln College (IL) where she taught students life skills such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, adapting to new situations, telling their stories, and falling with style (or failing gracefully).

She is a Tae Kwon Do black belt (from 4th grade!), a choral singer, a doula, an auntie, a hiker, and a born educator. She enjoys being in nature, questioning everything, reading, writing, and imagining how the world could look with a small change from everyone. She believes that the written word is an art form much like dance, painting, or acting, and that we are all artists by virtue of being able to communicate. Her goal for this school year is to help students find their voices and create their own masterpieces.

Shonda Hoffmeyer, Science

Shonda has been teaching since 2004. She worked on her certification through the TAPP program and also completed a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. In addition to teaching elementary and middle school children, she also teaches piano and bells with Eclectic Music. Teaching has been a fascinating journey which opened her eyes to so many perspectives.

Shonda is married and has one son, Oliver. He loves cats so they have all kinds of cat things around the house. She also loves to travel with her family and see new places and go on new adventures. In addition to traveling, Shonda loves to read and she is studying German.

Erin Palovick, Art

Erin Palovick received her BFA from Georgia State University in 2010, where she concentrated in drawing, painting and printmaking. Her professional work has since expanded to include performance, video, and installation. She received the Walthall Fellowship in 2015 and exhibited that same year at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia and at the High Museum of Art. She continues to exhibit work each year and is heavily engaged in the art community through an online arts and culture publication she co-founded called fLoromancy. 

Erin began teaching foundational studio courses throughout Atlanta in 2010. What began as a curiosity to teach basic skills, quickly became an integral piece to her artistic career. She loves to encourage her students to expand their own understanding of art and to find their own ways of communicating and making. She’s passionate about being a lifetime student and hopes to instill curiosity in her students. 

When she's not teaching or painting in her studio, she loves to cook and travel. You can also find her managing a yoga and Pilates studio in Grant Park. 

Kirstin Calvert, Drama (& Administrative Assistance)

Kirstin Calvert has been a theatre artist in Atlanta for 8 years. As a teaching artist, she has directed young actors at The Alliance Theatre, The Atlanta Shakespeare Company, and Serenbe Playhouse. She believes in an open, thoughtful, and challenging learning environment and is thrilled to have joined the staff at The Little Middle School. 

Kirstin enjoys journaling, ukuleles, breakfast food, and petting any animal she sees.