The Little Middle School

Pursue the puzzle. Embrace the struggle. Grow.

Our TEaching team



Casey McCann, founder, loves to create things and solve problems. She values insight and expertise far more than degrees and certificates and is entrepreneurial to the core. Casey is quick to identify the strengths of everyone on the team and works to find a way for each and every student to make a contribution.

As a teacher, Casey especially enjoys reading student writing, teaching new approaches to problem solving across subject areas, helping students to understand and manage their own work habits, and giving students the opportunity to start their lives now instead of waiting until they're done with school.

Casey, a musician, is also founder of Eclectic Music


Alyssa, full-time teacher, is a compassionate and capable leader who made the transition from rookie assistant to full-fledged educator in just over a semester as a result of a strong spirit of service and a commitment to self-development. She read every book we suggested, asked all the hard questions (of us and of herself), and never stopped pushing herself and trying new things. In the summer of 2016, Alyssa completed Seth Godin's altMBA program. Alyssa's excellent sense of humor and unwavering empathy make her a student favorite, her quest to grow and learn new things makes her a great example, and the wide array of stuff she's already good at) make her indispensable.



Kyle von Neumann, Director of Enrollment, is an asker of questions. For our students, he models and encourages perpetual seeking of knowledge, continual personal growth, and thoughtful reflection. Though his professional training is as a musician and educator, Kyle loves to engage with students in every subject area, drawing upon strong knowledge across the curriculum. He especially enjoys mentoring students in the development of leadership skills. 

Most recently, Kyle was selected for the inaugural class of Seth Godin's altMBA program, where, with other leaders, he pursued the practice of creating change in the world.

Founded in 2012 by Casey McCann. Thank you to the daring parents and students who tried something new. I am forever grateful.