The Mathathon

If you need the Mathathon, you probably don’t want to do it. An intensive summer math experience designed to boost your confidence in math only sounds fun to people who are already confident in math.

We get it. But hear us out. At the Little Middle School, we’ve spent years observing what makes people confident in math and figuring out how to get people there as painlessly as possible. And we’ve crammed all of those tricks and more into a one-week program that makes room for games, experimentation, and collaboration.

It may not be fun. But we promise it won’t be torture. You may actually enjoy it.

Everything we do is based on one fundamental principle: Unlike traditional math classes (which truck along regardless of whether you understand it or not) and traditional math tutoring (which starts with a test that’s looming in the future and goes from there), we start where you are and work forward. Together, we fill the gaps that have driven you crazy for years, moving forward in tiny increments until your work feels easy and automatic.

Fully customized to your skills and abilities, the program runs from 9:30 to 1:00 each day during the week of June 10 and the week of July 8 at 1860 N. Rock Springs Road, Atlanta, 30324 in the Morningside neighborhood. Bring a lunch, snacks, and a sense of purpose. You will be amazed how far you can go.